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On our site, a registered user is someone with a user-name and password, who can log in and shop in our store. Anyone can browse around on our site, but to shop or access any of our special content, you'll need to log in. Once you sign in, you'll find, that this site is part of a much bigger network. But you're always you, no matter where in our extended network you are. Your username and password are valid on all of the Furball Productions Inc sites. Click here for a list of our sites.

In your User Profile, which registered users can access here, or by clicking on the top right of the navigation bar at the top of the screen, you have the opportunity to share some information with us, and we may even require some of it, if you wish to use a credit card or access any of the many special privileges for registered users. Any information you share with us, will be kept strictly confidential. We don't sell that stuff, or give it away, or anything else. We use it to figure out where the markets are for our music, and our merchandise, so for instance, if we're getting a lot of hits from Denver and just a few from Cheyenne or Talahassee, we'll know where we should book venues and sell tickets.


In your Account Profile, which registered users can find here, you can set your preferred payment method, and whatever you enter here, will default into your orders. You'll always have the opportunity to change it, we just provide this as a convenience for frequent shoppers. Your User Account is an optional feature, you don't have to use it or worry about it, if you don't want to. Our software will use it anyway, and you "can" use it like a regular Account if you wish, you can fund it and withdraw from it. We use your Account to organize your purchases, so we can show you a detailed historical summary of your orders and payments at any time, including free downloads and promos. Any information you enter into your Account Profile will default into your Orders, and you can change it at any time during checkout.


We've tried our best to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience in our store! You can find out all about shopping, and the checkout process, by consulting our informative Checkout Wizard, which registered users can find here. We use a shopping cart model, and we let you fill another cart even while you're standing in the checkout line. Therefore, you can have a shopping cart and an outstanding order at the same time! Don't worry, we'll remind you if this happens, and you can always consult the Checkout Wizard for help. When you put items in your cart, you can also enter any promo codes that apply. And, in some cases, you can tell us how you'd like the item fulfilled (this is mostly in the case of downloads, which come in many forms). Once in a great while there will be an item that's "too big to fit into your cart". For these kinds of items (which are always clearly marked), you'll need to contact us to arrange the details of your purchase. Mostly though, shopping is a easy as clicking on the item you'd like to purchase.


Orders are generated at checkout time. That's when your shopping cart is unloaded and converted into an order. Once converted to an order, you can immediately go shopping again. You can pick up a brand new cart and start shopping, even before you've finished paying for your last order! But, for obvious reasons, you can only run one order at a time through the checkout process. And, you have to check them out in the order in which you filled the shopping carts. Registered users can check their order status at any time, here. You can see your current orders, and track payment status and shipping status, and you can view your historical orders as well. You can pay for your orders with any of the following methods: credit cards (Visa and Master Card), PayPal, and funds from your Account. All funds are credited to accounts, and all payments come from accounts. Your account history holds a complete record of all your transactions. Registered users can view this history at any time by clicking here.


Whenever you place an order, you will see a Worklist Entry appear at the top of your User Console. It'll say, "You Have Work!" This is just our way of notifying you about things that you may find important. In the case of an order, you can click on the Worklist Detail button, and it'll take you to your Order Details, where you can find all the information about your order, including the shipping and tracking history. In addition to Order notifications, there are other things that may also appear in your Worklist from time to time, and in each case clicking on the Worklist Detail button will guide you to the information we think is important for you. Once you've seen the information, the Worklist entry will disappear from your list, but you can still find all the information about your Orders and Accounts by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen and using your User Console to navigate through our system functions. In some cases, the Worklist will require you to look at the information twice. When this happens, the first time you see the Worklist entry its status will change to "Pending", and the second time you look at it the entry will be removed from your worklist. This is helpful for Orders, for example, because the first time you look at it you may wish to verify that the order details are correct, and the second time you may wish to track your shipping status and find out when your items will arrive.


When you purchase a download from us, you'll have at least 72 hours to recover your music via our Secure Download Server. Registered users can find our Download Manager here. It shows the status of all your downloads. The clock starts ticking when you make your first attempt. The reason we do this, is because we know that life's little interruptions sometimes mean that you'll occasionally have to leave your computer, and we want to make sure your music is still available when you return. So, your purchase entitles you to a 72-hour window within which you can download repeatedly. We'd like to ensure you're happy with your purchases, so if there are any technical glitches related to downloads, please contact our webmasters and we'll get it resolved for you right away.


We have lots of promos! Our marketing people love promos! You can enter promo codes at the time you add items to your shopping cart. Once you enter into the checkout process with your shopping cart, it's too late. There's a reason for doing that, and it's because there are all kinds of promos - some are dollar discounts, some are percentages, some are package deals, and some involve shipping discounts for several items at a time, so we have to know what's in your cart at checkout time, to calculate the promotional discount. And sometimes we even give things away for free - if an item in our store says "Free Item" underneath it, please feel free to add it to your shopping cart at no charge. If it's an item for shipping, we'll even ship it for free too, if you purchase anything else at the same time. Otherwise, you can still have it for free if you're willing to cover our cost in sending it to you. Free downloads are completely free, of course - and there are plenty of those on our sites!

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